Migration from AWS to Enterprise Data Centers : 5 Top Considerations

The convenience offered by public clouds e.g. AWS from both agility and flexibility perspectives has been a major driving factor for enterprise adoption. But it has also become increasingly apparent that, as enterprises scale and their business and IT operations become more complex, migration of workloads from public clouds to privately managed environment becomes a critical topic.

There are multiple reasons driving this migration to privately managed IT environments including inflexible (“T-shirt”) instance sizes, security and compliance but, overwhelmingly, the primary reason continues to be cost savings — up to 80% lower TCO can be realized by moving to an on-premise private cloud IT environment.

Enterprise Data Center Consolidation: Top 5 Considerations:

  1. Networking
  2. Infrastructure Provisioning for Developers
  3. Disaster Recovery Strategy
  4. Operationalizing Deployment
  5. Data Considerations

The top five considerations were identified based on Platform9’s experience of migrating from AWS to a bare metal as a service option (we achieved ~80% savings and greater operational flexibility) as well as those of Platform9 customers who have made the migration from AWS and other public cloud environments to enterprise data centers.

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