Maximize cloud usage and cost efficiency using FinOps best practices

An illustration showing a connected, efficient network of computers, servers, the cloud, and a FinOps concept

A discussion with FinOps Ambassador Dieter Matzion to get actionable insights on cloud usage and cost optimization based on his experience at Roku, Intuit, Netflix and Google.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding FinOps and its importance in cloud cost management.
  • Core FinOps principles: team collaboration, ownership, and leveraging the cloud’s variable cost model.
  • Rate and usage optimization strategies: enterprise agreements, savings plans, rightsizing, cloud parking and compute optimization.
  • Current FinOps tools landscape, what they solve for, and their limitations
  • Real-world data and case studies, including Intuit’s cloud migration success.
  • Strategies for cloud cost reduction: proactive monitoring, rightsizing, and auto-scaling.
  • Overcoming organizational challenges in implementing resource utilization principles.

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