Kubernetes Fortnight

Kubernetes Fortnight: Cert-Manager and Ingress

Kubernetes Deploy Cert Manager And Ingress

Kubernetes Fortnight: Cert-Manager and Ingress

This live session was hosted on Thursday, August 5th at 9:00 AM PDT

In this session of Kubernetes Fortnight, we will be going over Cert-Manager and Ingress Controllers. We will walk through a demo using the Platform9 PMK Certified Helm App Repository in the PMK Application Catalog to deploy Cert-Manager and an Nginx Ingress Controller. We will deploy an application and look into how Ingress can be used to split traffic using the same Load Balancer.

Bring your questions and feedback to this free, open discussion.

Hosts: Chris Jones, Group Product Manager at Platform9, Brandon Boudrias, DevOps at Platform9

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