How to Operate Kubernetes CI/CD Pipelines at Scale


CI/CD automation is the #1 use case for deploying Kubernetes, but provisioning and managing the CI/CD components and the underlying Kubernetes clusters remains a largely manual process slowing down your ability to deliver software faster. Watch this webinar, jointly presented by Platform9 and jFrog, to learn how to overcome these obstacles and operate CI/CD pipelines at scale.

During this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Configure, deploy, and run Kubenetes without the pain of managing it on your infrastructure of choice using Platform9 managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service
  • Deliver applications end-to-end using JFrog Pipelines for CI/CD automation, JFrog Artifactory for securely managing Docker images and other artifacts, and JFrog Xray for security and image scanning.
  • Conduct blue-green or canary production deployments
  • Deploy and configure Platform9 Managed Prometheus to monitor application performance as you roll out new features on a continuous basis

You’ll also see a demo of these capabilities for an end-to-end application deployment.
This webinar is presented by Kamesh Pemmaraju, Head of Product Marketing at Platform9, Eric Bannon, Senior Product Manager at Platform9, and Mark Galpin, Senior Product Manager at JFrog.


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