How to Centrally Manage Retail Edge IT at Scale

Brick and Mortar these days is powered by a lot of tech. Retail chains typically span thousands of geo-distributed stores. Each store is running an Edge data center with the infrastructure and applications that power the local business.

These distributed, compute-constrained stores running critical applications pose unique challenges for infrastructure operations at retail scale.

This webinar covers:

  • The challenges of Infrastructure Edge management for store locations (deploying, monitoring, upgrading, securing, troubleshooting, and more) and what these complex, risky, processes mean to your bottom line.
  • Best practices and architecture patterns for designing your infrastructure and application delivery for POS/store locations.
  • How to enable just one IT admin to manage thousands of stores, remotely
  • How to support both VM and Containers-based apps without doubling your hardware or OPEX costs.
  • How to enable low-touch operations at scale, while ensuring compliance, security and SLA across all locations.
  • Demo of a day in the life of an Ops manager: on-boarding a new store and deploying applications to thousands of edges within minutes!

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