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DIY or Managed? Understanding the True Cost of DIY Kubernetes

Kubernetes: Managed or DIY?

DIY or Managed? Understanding the True Cost of DIY Kubernetes

This TCO report was prepared for a recent Platform9 prospect (referred to as COMPANY) to help them understand the costs and other factors involved in managing a Kubernetes deployment internally (DIY) versus using the Platform9 Managed Kubernetes (PMK) service.

It outlines their business goals and requirements and estimates their TCO for DIY and managed scenarios looking at both the initial deployment and ongoing management phases.

We use a proprietary TCO calculator which has proved accurate with many customers. The report has been compiled based on information shared by COMPANY with Platform9 to date about the deployment size and current resourcing as well as additional assumptions made by Platform9 to provide a complete cost assessment. These additional assumptions are a mixture of COMPANY-specific assumptions as well as working assumptions informed by Platform9 experience across many enterprises going through similar decision processes. The assumptions are included in the report and its appendices. Platform9 envisages updating key elements of the TCO modeling based on further engagement with the COMPANY team on their requirements.

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