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Doing It Yourself with Kubernetes — Harder than You Thought?

Doing It Yourself with Kubernetes - Harder than You Thought?

A while ago, your enterprise decided to begin deploying Kubernetes. Given its reputation for ease-of-use and stability, you were enthusiastic and confident you could get things into production quickly and reliably — using in-house resources, doing it yourself — DIY. After all, there were so many free, open-source tools, and the developers couldn’t wait!

However, over time, your Kubernetes journey didn’t turn out exactly as planned. You knew you’d be learning a lot, but not this much. You found out that Kubernetes is one thing when developers are creating an app but is quite complex and time-consuming when you’re putting clusters into production.

This eBook tells a very short story of what may have been your Kubernetes journey (so far) and its challenges. It concludes with a happy ending — for all its complexity, with a little help, deploying and maintaining Kubernetes for your microservices applications can be a quick and painless process.

Our story includes:

  • Hello, Kubernetes! Getting started …
  • Waking up to a brand-new ecosystem of apps and skills
  • Hiring and retaining k8s Ops talent
  • Quickly transition from DIY to getting-it-done
  • … and much more!

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