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Ovum Market Radar: Container Management Platforms 2018/2019

Many organizations are embracing cloud-native development technologies to respond faster to changing business and technical requirements, increase agility, accelerate projects, and reduce costs. However, as this is still an emerging market, it can be difficult to know where to get started.

This Ovum Market Rader evaluates container management platforms and can help you get started on your path to leveraging containers for development. The report evaluates the container management platform services, solutions and emerging technology as it relates to container management to help organizations make informed decisions with their container development strategy. Key trends and the direction of this market are outlined as well so you can plan out the best path forward.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is included as one of the platform services and noted in the report is PMK’s key differentiator with the ability to support both cloud-native and legacy workload management. Download the full report to learn more.

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