White paper

A Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Kubernetes Solutions

A Comparison of Pivotal PKS, Platform9 Managed Kubernetes, Rancher, and Red Hat OpenShift

Many organizations are leveraging Kubernetes to streamline and orchestrate their container environment and reduce costs in a consistent manner across their on-premises environment as well as across clouds. However, Kubernetes can be difficult to manage and maintain on an ongoing basis. Several vendors provide their own Kubernetes solution to make Kubernetes easy to consume, simplify day 2 operations, and deliver an enterprise-grade user experience.

In this document, we compare the most popular Kubernetes solutions across 18 key features so that you can make a fully educated decision on which platform is best for you. There is a summary table for a quick evaluation and a detailed comparison table which provides specifics for each feature across Pivotal PKS, Platform9 Managed Kubernetes, Rancher, and Red Hat OpenShift. The features evaluated include:

  • Provisioning of Kubernetes Clusters
  • High Availability and Healing
  • Deployment Models Supported
  • Prerequisites and Operating System Requirements
  • Monitoring and Operations Management
  • Multi-cluster Management
  • And many more!

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