Building and Operating Cloud Platforms at the Edge

Developers, used to the public cloud paradigm, now expect scalable, easily programmable, and highly responsive infrastructure at the edge to rapidly deploy and manage low-latency and high bandwidth apps that will run closer to the users.

In this webinar, technology leaders in technology, telco, retail, and media/entertainment will learn about the top 5 architectural and technical considerations in building and adapting cloud platforms for edge locations:

  • The challenges of building and operating edge clouds and the ability to rapidly deploy, monitor upgrade, secure, and troubleshoot applications at the edge
  • Best practices and architecture patterns for designing your infrastructure and application delivery for the edge location
  • How to enable just one IT administrator to manage thousands of location, remotely
  • How to support both VM and Containers-based apps without doubling your hardware or OPEX costs.
  • How to enable low-touch operations at scale, while ensuring compliance, security and SLA across all locations.

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