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Benchmarking Kubernetes Management on AWS

Benchmarking Kubernetes Management on AWS

Comparing DIY efforts with kops and EKS vs. fully managed Platform9 KaaS


By anyone’s account, managing production Kubernetes deployed on AWS is complex. And doing it successfully — so that enterprise apps are always up- and-running and cost-effective — takes significant resources and expertise. Given the broad spectrum of open-source Kubernetes tools and infrastructure configurations, there are many ways to make it work ranging from in-house, do-it-yourself efforts to various degrees of outsourcing.

This white paper presents benchmark data that will help you figure out the most cost-effective way to manage a production Kubernetes environment on AWS. With our years of experience working on every facet of the Kubernetes world and hands-on testing and evaluation of three key management alternatives, we’ve calculated the time and resources it takes for each step. This will help you better understand the time, effort, and complexity of setting up and managing Kubernetes.

With fully managed Platform9 KaaS, this complexity is our job, not yours. We do the heavy lifting in the background while you focus on getting the most out of your apps and services.

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