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Answers to Your Kubernetes Questions | Session 6: Log Monitoring

Platform9 Ask Me Anything Session 6

[On-demand] AMA Session 6: Log Monitoring

This live session was hosted on Thursday, May 27th at 9:00 AM PDT

Hosts: Chris Jones, Group Product Manager at Platform9; David Dieruf, Developer Relations Manager at Platform9

Kubernetes deployments require many logs in many locations, and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), DevOps, and IT Ops teams are finding that more and more of their time is spent setting up logs, troubleshooting logging issues, or working with log data in different places. Fortunately, with advances in open-source tools and ready-made integrations from commercial providers, it’s now much simpler to set up and manage a logging solution.

In this live session, our experts will answer all of your questions around Kubernetes Log Monitoring and also cover: 

  • Challenges and pitfalls in log monitoring
  • Solutions and best practices in log monitoring
  • [Tutorial] Set up EFK  (Elasticsearch, FluentD, and Kabana) on Kubernetes – Log Monitoring*

*Keep in mind, you will need a Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Free Account to follow all tutorials.

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