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Open source solutions have taken over the industry.  While some solutions providers are already comfortable in this space, many are still trying to get their arms around it.  Platform9 makes open-source cloud frameworks easy for partners to monetize quickly. By providing our offerings as a fully managed service (complete with financially-backed SLA for uptime) our partners are able to rapidly respond to customer requests for help around OpenStack, Kubernetes and Serverless projects without having to spend a lot of time ramping up on a new technology.  In addition to enabling your customer to use existing infrastructure in a more efficient manner, our offering can also create demand for additional hardware and services drag including cloud optimization studies, cloud migrations, operating system, hypervisor upgrades as well as hardware managed services.

For those consulting partners already heavily engaged in the DevOps and Application Development arena, we provide an option for those customers who request a solution they don’t have to manage on their own after the Consultant  leaves. Platform9’s fully-managed platform is the perfect solution. In these cases there is still a need for assistance from Partners/Consultants with things such as application refactoring, DevOps blueprint creation as well as CI/CD pipeline consulting as examples.  (Referral partnerships are also available).

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Benefits of Selling Platform9

Fast and Easy
to Sell

Platform9 is easy to pitch and sell. The value proposition is clear to customers who are trying to build private clouds, and the product is easy for anyone on your team to demo.

Extremely Simple to Install

Installing Platform9 is extremely fast and easy. Your customers will have an OpenStack deployment up in a matter of minutes – not months – accelerating time to value for your customer and you!

Hands-Free Management

Platform9 is a fully managed SaaS offering with operational SLAs, so your customers get white glove service for all critical private cloud systems. It’s Platform9’s job – not yours – to monitor, troubleshoot, and upgrade.

Get Started: Four Steps to Success


Check out our partner YouTube page for videos and recorded demos in order to learn more about our offering.


Take a tour through the product using our Platform9 Sandbox


Contact the Platform9 Partners team to get more details on the partner program


Put the partnership in action! Register opportunities here so we can team up and help you through the sales cycle.

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