PMK Features

Managed cluster upgrades, security patching & multi-version support

PMK is a CNCF certified Kubernetes offering that provides a fully ‘managed’ Kubernetes experience. 

PMK’s remote management installs, operates and maintains your Kubernetes control plane and worker nodes, so you don’t have to. 

This includes auto-security patching your clusters when vulnerabilities are issued, supporting multiple k8s versions for your clusters, and performing rolling upgrades on demand. 

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes Dashboard

BareOS Support

PMK lets you create a cluster on-premises in under 5 minutes with advance on-premise and edge capabilities:

  • Auto-provision bare metal servers using Platform9’s bare metal automation
  • Create single or multi-master PMK clusters using linux physical servers
  • Built-in virtualization layer enables optional creation of PMK clusters on VM nodes

Managed Kubernetes BareOS Support

Hybrid Deployment Support

PMK also enables cluster deployment on public clouds:

  • Create PMK clusters on AWS or Azure using PMK’s native integration with the cloud provider’s IaaS layers.
  • Auto-scale clusters on demand, integrate with cloud specific capabilities such as load balancing, DNS, blocks storage, while managing from a single pane

Managed Kubernetes Hybrid Deployment

Launch Clusters With pf9ctl

PMK ships with a built-in CLI – pf9ctl – to get you up and running with BareOS clusters fast. 

Create a single node cluster with a single command, create multi-master clusters just as easily, using pf9ctl.


Advance Networking with ‘Managed’ Calico and More

PMK provides fully managed offering of open source Calico networking solution – handling install, config, upgrade and troubleshooting of Calico. 

PMK also provides full REST APIs for Calico, enabling Admins to leverage all functionality of calico.

Managed Kubernetes Advanced Networking - Calico

Service Load Balancer for BareOS Clusters

For BareOS clusters, PMK ships with built-in MetalLB load balancer, to enable out of box service load balancing.

Once setup, MetalLB can be configured with one or more network CIDR ranges that will be used when deploying a new service load balancer instance.

Managed Kubernetes BareOs MetalLB

Built-in Monitoring with Prometheus

PMK deploys each cluster with an instance of Prometheus & Grafana by default, pre-configured with the right metrics for cluster management.

  • Built in grafana dashboard to view cluster health live
  • In-product views

Managed Kubernetes Monitoring

  • In product monitoring views highlight rules defined and alarms on the cluster
  • Easy access to configured and triggered alarms view aids in cluster health monitoring

Managed Kubernetes Monitoring Rules

Built-in Log Aggregation with Fluentd

PMK deploys each cluster with an instance of Fluentd by default, enabling aggregation and forwarding of cluster and node level logs to your specific logging endpoint

  • Edit filters to customize log aggregation per cluster 
  • Forward logs to ELK, S3 or any other log aggregation endpoint your team uses

Managed Kubernetes Logging - Enable fluentd

Managed Kubernetes Logging - Kibana

SSO and Multi-tenancy

PMK ships out of box with SSO and multi-tenancy features enabled.

Managed Kubernetes SSO and Multi-Tenancy

REST API Access with Qbert API

All PMK features are accessible via the UI as well as fully documented REST APIs. 

REST APIs let you automate cluster creation and management end to end and integrate it with your CI/CD process.

Managed Kubernetes REST API Access

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