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Platform9 provides the simplest SaaS managed platform to build, scale and operate cloud native apps and Kubernetes clusters across Edge, Private and Public Clouds.

Platform9 Kubernetes

Fast, Frictionless, and Maintenance-Free

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes offers an extremely easy-to-use platform to run Kubernetes clusters. By delivering Kubernetes as a true SaaS managed service, Platform9 Managed Kubernetes makes every aspect of cluster management and integration easy – on-premises or in public clouds.

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Deploy a Cluster Instantly

Spin up a Kubernetes cluster in < 5 minutes – on your laptop, on-premise servers, VMs or on public clouds. Create production ready clusters just as easily, then scale them up or down on demand.
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Focus on Your Apps - We’ll Manage Your Cluster

Focus on your apps, and let PMK take care of every aspect of cluster management.

PMK remotely monitors your clusters 24/7, auto-troubleshoots and repairs them, allowing you to run apps hassle free

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Integrate With Your Existing Tools

PMK handles all aspects of Kubernetes integration for you – from built-in monitoring that integrates with your slack, to auto log forwarding to your aggregator, or integrating with your SSO provider, we have you covered.

A Complete Platform for Kubernetes On-Premises, in Public Cloud, or at Edge

Kubernetes itself is just one part of the solution. PMK offers a complete platform with enterprise-ready features and integrations to run Kubernetes at scale in production – when you are ready for it.

Managed Kubernetes

On-premise service load balancer


Cluster monitoring &
log aggregation

Cluster monitoring & log aggregation

CNI & network

CNI & network plugins

App catalog &
certified apps

App catalog & certified apps

On-premise Infrastructure Management

  • Bare metal provisioning automation
  • Virtualization management

Multi-cluster Management

  • Multitenancy & RBAC
  • Versioning & upgrades
  • Monitoring & healing
  • Etcd backup recovery


  • Managed Calico
  • Governance & Policy REST API/UI


  • Multi-network management
  • SR-IOV

Access Layer

SSO & Security

SSO & Security

CLI & Providers

pf9ctl CLI pf9ctl CLI pf9 terraform providers pf9 terraform providers

Your Infrastructure

Data Centers

Data Centers Data Centers


Edge Edge Edge

Public Clouds

Public Clouds: AWS Public Clouds: Azure

PMK Features

All Kubernetes Capabilities. In A Single Platform

PMK helps you deliver production-grade Kubernetes at scale with various features & integrations

Deploy a cluster instantly

Spin up a test cluster in under 5 minutes, on a VM, physical server or in the cloud.

Use our advanced capabilities for production clusters, such as auto-provisioning of bare metal servers, built-in virtualization layer to deploy PMK on VM nodes, and more.

Or deploy and scale your clusters in public clouds using our native integrations.

“Platform9 Managed Kubernetes has greatly simplified our lives and accelerated our development time knowing that we don’t need to worry about ensuring uptime and operating our current infrastructure”
Brian Chan

Head of Infrastructure, Snapfish

SaaS Management

Let the SaaS management plane handle 24/7 remote-monitoring for cluster health & auto-alert

As soon as a cluster is created, PMK’s SaaS management plane will auto-monitor it 24/7 for issues, so you don’t have to.

Prometheus & Grafana are automatically set up during your cluster deployment, providing cluster, node and pod metrics in a single view.

You also receive alarms & notifications for critical Kubernetes infrastructure issues

“Taking a maintenance window on our nonstop Kubernetes SaaS offering is a nightmare. With Platform9’s Kubernetes “rolling upgrades”, there is no disruption, no down-time, no maintenance windows anymore”
Ravi Ravichandran

VP Engineering, Cloud platform & Devops, Juniper Networks

‘Managed’ cluster upgrades, security patching & multi-version support

Enjoy the benefits of SaaS ‘managed’ cluster upgrades. Upgrades are monitored remotely and any issues are proactively auto-corrected, or your Ops team is notified of problems related to your physical infrastructure. Access the latest Kubernetes features faster with one-click upgrades to the latest upstream Kubernetes, or stay on a stable version via our multi-version support. Stay secure with automatic security patches when there is a new CVE.

SaaS Managed Clusters

Best Proactive K8s Support on the Planet

Our industry’s first SaaS managed approach combined with our best in class support & customer success organization with 99.9% consistent CSAT rating delivers production-ready K8s to organization of any size.

Experienced Kubernetes experts available 24×7

Platform9 takes pride in providing industry’s best support, with consistent 99.9% CSAT rating – month over month. Our customer success team provides support for those just getting started with Kubernetes through to large enterprises with business and mission-critical 24×7 operations

  • Experienced Kubernetes support experts available 24/7, severity based response time
  • We’ll work to uncover the root cause of any issue
  • Team has multiple industry certifications including Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA)
  • Enterprise plan includes dedicated Technical Account Managers and Solutions Architects
“Platform9 support has been exemplar. Their support team has knowledgeable engineers who seems to understand our environments and have consistently provided viable and accurate recommendations / suggestions based on the nature of the issues.”
Dipankar Biswas, Vice President, Reliability Engineering & Operations, EIS.
“My experience with Platform9 since we use the product have been exceptional! The solution architect support at the beginning of our adoption on Kubernetes had helped a lot in our deployment and solving technical challenges in a very timely manner.”
Fai Lau, Sr. Unix Admin
“Using Platform9 was a seamless process. As their mission statement states, 'to deliver the experience of the public cloud, on any infrastructure, for any enterprise, at any scale' and they truly delivered.”
Stephen Pride, Senior Infrastructure Engineer
99.9% Uptime SLA

Enterprise-grade SLA

PMK is the first in the industry to offer a financially-backed uptime SLA for Kubernetes clusters running on-premises, at the edge or in hybrid environments.

  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Available on growth & enterprise plans
  • Clear metrics, responsibilities and expectations. Customized SLAs aligned to their business objectives
“The Platform9 team has been awesome. One of the very, very good experiences that I witnessed is that when we had a network issue, Platform9 proactively worked with our team to troubleshoot the problem. In the end, the problem had nothing to do with Platform9 stack, but their team saw it through, it’s been years since I have seen support that dedicated.
Brian Chan

Head of Infrastructure, Snapfish

Top Use Cases

Web Applications
Machine Learning
ISV Application Delivery
Retail Edge
Telco / 5G Edge


Accelerate development cycles by leveraging native integration between your CI/CD system and Kubernetes. Use our certified recipes for deploying Jenkins, CircleCI, ArgoCD on top of PMK.

Web Applications

Build web applications that run in a secure, highly available manner and scale up and down automatically. Use our out of box integrations for service load balancers, network policies and security and persistent storage to run your applications reliably.

Machine Learning

Efficiently run your machine learning workflow software such as Kubeflow on large datasets using PMK running on-premise for cost efficiency. Burst to public clouds by creating a multi-cluster hybrid environment on PMK.

ISV Application Delivery

Deploy your containerized app directly to tens of thousands of end customer locations using our SaaS / remote managed model. Make rapid frictionless updates using remote upgrade and update capabilities.

Retail Edge

Fully automate your store deployment end to end using PMK on top of our remote Managed Bare Metal offering

Telco / 5G Edge

Fully automate deployment of vRAN software at tens of thousands of cell towers using PMK’s remote management combined with our Managed Bare Metal. Utilize our advance telco-optimized networking stack to efficiently run NFV and vRAN workloads at any scale.

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PMK for Every Team

Start for free and upgrade to suit the needs of your team as you progress on your Kubernetes journey.


Organizations starting out with Kubernetes can begin with our Freedom Plan and get full day 2 management for up to 20 nodes.


Up to 20 nodes


Teams with production workloads with uptime and support requirement can purchase the Growth plan.


Up to 50 nodes


For organizations with large & complex infrastructure


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