End of Support and End of Life Policy

Platform9 regularly updates and maintains its products and services in order to provide the latest features and functionality to its customers. Over time, older releases of its services will become outdated. In order to provide transparency around the software lifecycle to its customers, Platform9 has defined the following the following process and procedures.

A. End of Support.

i. A release of a given version of Platform9’s Managed OpenStack or Managed Kubernetes services (each, a “Release”) will be considered “End of Support” (“EOS”) when the Release is two (2) or more versions behind the most recent Release.

ii. Once a Release reaches EOS, Platform9 will (A) cease monitoring and responding to automated monitoring alerts, and (B) only provide the support for Priority 1 Errors (as defined on Exhibit B to Platform9’s Master Subscription Agreement. Support for other Priority Levels will only be provided once the customer has upgraded to a supported Release.


B. End of Life.

i. A Release will be considered “End of Life” (“EOL”) when the Release is four (4) or more versions behind the most recent Release.

ii. Once a Release reaches EOL, such Release is not eligible for upgrade, and Customer may not renew its Subscription. Instead, Customer must migrate to a new Platform9 control plane in order to upgrade to a current Release and/or renew its Subscription. Customer should initiate a Support case to commence this process.

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