The Hybrid Cloud Conundrum

Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest on Deloitte’s Architecting the Cloud podcast, part of the On Cloud series.

In a lively conversation with Deloitte’s Mike Kavis I discussed the hybrid cloud conundrum:

As organizations look to shift from an infrastructure-and data-centric world to cloud-centric architecture, it’s all too easy to get caught up in a conundrum: you want access to all the good things the cloud has to offer, but you’re still locked into the limitations of your infrastructure – be it on-prem, or with a specific public cloud provider.

In this podcast interview, I share how IT operations can be more successful with their cloud modernization initiatives and easily adopt and manage VMs, Kubernetes, and serverless at scale. The secret? Don’t reinvent what’s available—use open source tools that already exist to realize a much faster integration experience and quicker time to value, as well as a more consistent experience across the cloud or on-prem environment.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

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