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Serverless Operations: 6 Best Practices from Dev to Production

Earlier this morning I had the pleasure of speaking at a CNCF-hosted webinar about Serverless Operations.

I shared 6 best practices and patterns designed to give Dev and Ops confidence in the quality of serverless functions, and reduce the risk of serverless applications’ releases.

We discussed:

  1. Declarative configuration
  2. Live-reload for fast feedback
  3. Record-replay for testing and debugging
  4. Canary Deployments
  5. Monitoring with metrics and tracing
  6. Cost optimization

Check out the recording of the webinar below to learn more, and see the cool demo at the end! 🙂
You can also download the slides here.

Watch the replay:

You can also install and start putting these best practices into action, with the leading open source Kubernetes-native Serverless framework.

Join the Slack channel or follow on Twitter if you have any questions or need assistance (and, of course, to know when the new release hits!).

Soam Vasani

Soam Vasani is the creator of - the leading open source, Kubernetes-native, serverless framework, that lets you easily develop and run serverless applications on any environment - on-premises or in the public cloud. Soam's past work includes distributed file systems and contributions to the GNU debugger and toolchain. He’s interested in distributed systems, DevOps tools and frameworks, and programming languages.
Soam Vasani

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