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[Video] KubeVirt – Beyond Containers: Coming full circle back to VMs!

Earlier today we had the pleasure of presenting at a CNCF-hosted webinar about KubeVirt.

KubeVirt is a set of Kubernetes CRDs and controllers (an Operator) that lets you run virtual machines on Kubernetes!

In this webinar we discussed:

  1. Introduction of KubeVirt, its concepts and architecture
  2. Key use cases where you can already take advantage of Kubevirt to manage legacy applications – Windows apps included! – alongside Kubernetes
  3. How to use KubeVirt and some ‘Gotchas’, tricks and things to be aware of for different implementations
  4. Future of KubeVirt, related projects, and where to start
  5. Demo time!!

Check out the recording of the webinar below to learn more, and see two cool demos showcasing Kubevirt running on our Managed Kubernetes solution on AWS! 🙂 We show how HA scenarios for legacy components are automatically handled by Kubernetes and KubeVirt, along with a couple of cool surprises!

Download the Slides

Josh Hurt

Senior Kubernetes Engineer at Platrform9
Joshua graduated from the University of Texas, Austin as a Terry Scholar with a B.S. in
Computer Science. From his early days interning with UnboundID and with the Chief
Technologist at NASA, to today - he enjoys experimenting with the cutting edge of cloud
technologies like Kubernetes and serverless to make them not only work, but work for
enterprises and 'regular' folks, without having to be a rocket scientist 🙂 At Platform9 he
built the AWS implementation of OpenStack Omni, which was subsequently adopted as
a Big Tent project, and is now contributing to the Managed Kubernetes team. He also
loves tinkering with things and runs quarterly hackathons.
Josh Hurt

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