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Enterprise grade OpenStack, as a service.

Platform9 is an easy way for organizations of any size to implement an OpenStack-based, agile, self-service Private Cloud.

Transform your enterprise from a sprawl of virtualized or non-virtualized servers to a fully-operational private cloud in minutes.

Easy to Use

Easy to use


in minutes


Hardware &
platform agnostic


Continuous upgrades, monitoring & support

Trusted by enterprises worldwide.

Platform9 manages the entire OpenStack lifecycle.

Easy setup is only half the story. Platform9 takes care of monitoring, maintenance and upgrades so you don't have to.

Incredibly easy setup

Platform9 delivers OpenStack as-a-service, so all you need to do is to sign up for the service, and plug in your internal servers. It's that simple.

Health-Watch: Built-in Monitoring for OpenStack

Our internal telemetry monitors the health of all OpenStack software (control-plane and data-plane), so you don't have to.

Built-in troubleshooting

Platform9 takes care of troubleshooting issues for you when they arise, with unmatched resolution SLAs for private clouds.

Zero Touch Upgrade

We do all the hard work of backing up your OpenStack controllers, rolling out the upgrade, validating it and committing the transaction.

Platform9 Lifecycle

Your cloud. Your platform. Your way.

Because Platform9 supports multiple platforms, you can choose to leverage the technologies that work best for your organization.


VMware ESXi is generally regarded as the best hypervisor around. Platform9 is developing robust support in OpenStack for Vmware vSphere, so you can leverage your existing investment while moving towards implementing a private cloud.

With its low license cost and continuing development, KVM is increasingly popular. What's more, Platform9 makes it really simple to use, so you don't need Linux Ninjas on your team to benefit from KVM.


By virtualizing at the process layer, Docker can be very performant compared to traditional virtualization, while providing a lot of the same benefits. The OpenStack project has early support for Docker containers, and we're taking this initial work and making it enterprise class.

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