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What is Platform9?

Platform9 Managed OpenStack is a cloud service that enables Enterprises to manage their internal server infrastructure as efficient private clouds. Learn More.


Powered by Openstack

Get the best of OpenStack with 100% API compatibility. Import your existing servers and workloads non-disruptively in ~5 minutes.View Pricing.


Single Pane of Glass

Unified management across data centers, geographies, and diverse environments—KVM, VMware vSphere and Docker1Learn More.


Private Cloud. Cloud Managed

Your servers, workloads and data stay in your data centers. Our service seamlessly layers on top to enable automation and self-service.Learn More.

Introducing Platform9
Managed OpenStack

Bich Le, Chief Architect and Co-Founder of Platform9 discusses the motivation behind Platform9: enabling every organization to easily run a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure while leveraging innovations in open-source software.

"Platform9's OpenStack-as-a-Service model simplifies the operational experience for OpenStack to make it accessible to a wide range of organizations. This innovative new approach to private cloud management could trigger the inflection point for OpenStack and private clouds we've been waiting for."

Featured Solution

Self-Service for Dev/Test

Your developers love to build and deploy great applications, so why make them wait on infrastructure? Platform9 empowers you to keep your developers happy and let them do their best work.

Featured Video

Live Demo With KVM

Madhura Maskasky, VP Product and Co-Founder, demonstrates Platform9 in action in a live environment.

White Paper

7 Benefits of Deploying KVM with OpenStack

This white paper discusses 7 specific ways in which OpenStack will save time, reduce costs, and improve the security of your KVM-virtualized environment.