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*According to GigaOM Radar report 2022

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Illustration: Keeping up with cloud native

Keeping up with cloud native is hard

  • The cloud native ecosystem is vast and evolving at a rapid pace
  • Constant evaluation and integration of many different components is slowing delivery – and results
  • You are unable to achieve cloud simplicity on any infrastructure of your choice
  • You are finding it challenging to hire and retain platform and DevOps engineering talent
All of this is impacting developer productivity and is slowing down app delivery time.

The always-on cloud native platform

Platform9 has done the heavy lifting by integrating, testing, and packaging best-of-breed cloud native components in a ready-to-use platform. With a guaranteed SLA backed by our proactive world-class support, your team enjoys Always-on Assurance™ and peace of mind.

Platform Diagram

Make your life easy

Stop fixing infrastructure issues. Tackle any location, any cloud with Always-on Assurance™. Get automated governance, security, and consistency at scale.

Always-on Assurance™

  • Auto-generation of help-desk tickets, self-healing, and proactive remediation.
  • Managed security patching, upgrades, and guaranteed uptime.
  • Assurance of the declared state to avoid the impact of unintended changes.

Any location, any cloud from a unified pane of glass

  • Centralized GitOps policy automation.
  • Continuous deployment across any public cloud, data center, or 1000s of edge locations.
  • Support for bare metal and virtualization.

World-class expertise and support

  • Expertise at your disposal to help with design architecture, integration, and customization.
  • Partnering from proof-of-concept and go-live on-boarding through production scalability.
  • 100% Kubernetes-certified staff.
Graphic: Free your developers

Free your developers

Enable them to focus on their code, not clusters.

  • Deliver end-to-end environments to your developers on any cloud.
  • Set up automation so they can get a cluster fully provisioned, configured, and complete with supporting services with a click of a button.
  • Empower your developers so they can deliver their code seamlessly to any cloud and push more code faster to production.

What our customers say

“Taking a maintenance window on our nonstop Kubernetes SaaS offering is a nightmare. Nobody likes maintenance windows. With Platform9’s Kubernetes “rolling upgrades,” there are no disruptions, no downtime, and no maintenance windows anymore.”

Ravi Ravichandran

VP Engineering, Cloud Platform, and DevOps, Juniper Networks

“Our new application roll-out time has decreased from several days or weeks to minutes or hours. Redfin developers can now experiment with existing applications and create new microservices blazingly fast.”

Anna Bates

Engineering Manager, Redfin

“I’ve tried several Kubernetes as a Service like AWS Elastic Kubernetes Services or Google Kubernetes Engine. They are good but lock you in their cloud. With Platform9 you forget all the hassle to install and maintain your different K8s clusters. Platform9 allows you to easily install a fully functional, production-grade, and on-premises cluster from scratch in less than 15 minutes.”

Joao M.

Cloud DevOps Engineer at SkipTheDishes

“Superb managed Kubernetes platform. It takes the guesswork out of building and managing a k8s platform. Upgrades are seamless!”

 Tony Sciortino

Director of Product IT, Precisely

Industry endorsements

Platform9 named Representative Vendor in 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Container Management
#1 user ranked managed Kubernetes service on G2 with 4.8 rating
Leader in GigaOM Radar report for Managed Kubernetes
Platform9 named a Strong Performer in 2020 Multicloud Container Development Platforms Wave™ Report

Platform9 ranked #1 in GigaOm’s Radar report for Managed Kubernetes

Platform9 named a GigaOM’s Radar report for Managed Kubernetes

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