Why Platform9 Managed Private Cloud?

Gartner says 95% of enterprise IT teams struggle (or fail) when implementing private clouds due to technical complexity, inability to drive organizational change, or technology that just doesn’t stand up to the demands of the enterprise. At Platform9, we provide a managed private cloud solution that's simple, open, and enterprise-ready.

Platform9 makes private clouds easy.

Private clouds don’t have to be hard. Platform9 delivers OpenStack private clouds as a SaaS-based managed service, which means extreme ease of use across the entire lifecycle:

  • Stand up a production-ready private cloud in minutes, not months.
  • No need to hire a team of private cloud experts. Platform9 “just works” right out of the box.
  • Create virtual machines in seconds while Platform9 optimizes for resource utilization, application performance and admin policies.
  • Zero-touch upgrades and bug fixes behind the scenes, as well as ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting, keep your OpenStack private cloud running smoothly.
Why SaaS Matters for Your Cloud Infrastructure

Platform9 is enterprise-ready.

Platform9 ensures your private cloud is ready for the demands of your enterprise, providing the reliability and robustness you need to support your organization now and into the future.

  • As a managed service, Platform9 takes care of all private cloud operations, with guaranteed 24/7 operational service levels (SLAs) 
  • Distributed data centers? Mixed hypervisors? Multiple teams? Platform9 supports them all seamlessly, providing global visibility and policy-based control across distributed infrastructure from a single pane of glass – including support for multi-tenancy and multi-hypervisor environments.
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Platform9 is open.

Private cloud solutions shouldn’t lock you in with proprietary APIs, require specific hardware or appliances, or force you to walk away from your existing infrastructure to start from scratch. Platform9 was engineered to maximize openness and choice – for cloud admins and developers alike – enabling you to build and use your private cloud your way.

  • vSphere? KVM? Docker? It doesn’t matter to us. We’re hardware, OS and platform agnostic, so we work with your systems of choice.
  • Brownfield or greenfield? Either is fine with Platform9. Start your private cloud from scratch, or leverage existing infrastructure. We discover used and available resource information, existing workloads and machine images non-disruptively.
  • Continue to use existing tools and processes and rest assured that’s OK. Platform9 discovers changes in the underlying infrastructure and adapts seamlessly.
  • Developers want access to open APIs and their choice of major automation frameworks to fuel their release pipeline. That’s what they’ll get with Platform9.
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Platform9 is the simplest path to a private cloud.

Udy Gold, Senior Director of Infrastructure, PubMatic

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