Single Pane of Glass Management

With the increasingly connected globe, chances are your organization has people and infrastructure in various geographies. How do you manage dispersed sites without creating silos? Platform9 spans multiple regions across distributed virtual infrastructure with a single pane of glass.

How is your distributed infrastructure managed today?

How easy is “showback” of who is using what resources? Does it compare with how seamlessly the public cloud services global infrastructure?

Chances are, it’s a bit of a mess. Your distributed infrastructure is likely managed as silos, because your infrastructure management system doesn’t work across sites. And independently managed silos lead to massive operational costs:

  • Management overhead. You end up installing, upgrading and managing redundant management system installations; costing you time and money.
  • Fragmentation. Because resources aren’t allocated by a single system, fragmentation is excessive, reducing efficiency.
  • Loss of agility. When a team requires capacity to be allocated in a new site, it takes much longer because of these silos, again costing you time and money.

Bottom line, if different geographies are being managed as independent silos, you don’t really have a true private cloud infrastructure.

Platform9 eliminates silos.

With Platform9, your private cloud management service is available across the globe, eliminating infrastructure silos and the associated problems.


Platform9’s OpenStack pools together your distributed infrastructure into regions that are managed and consumed exactly like the public cloud, providing global visibility.

Resource Allocation Policies

Now that your infrastructure is available through the same management system everywhere, your IT team can achieve greater global control through resource allocation policies for that infrastructure to users across your organization.

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