OpenStack Cinder Block Storage with SolidFire and Platform9

Plug-and-play integration of SolidFire storage arrays with Platform9 Managed OpenStack via Cinder APIs.

Point-and-click integration for OpenStack Cinder block storage and SolidFire.

Integrating SolidFire with OpenStack Cinder is a simple matter of a few clicks in the Platform9 user interface. Just select SolidFire as the type of storage, point it to your array IP address, and you’re done.

Integration features include:

  • Simple setup: It only takes a few clicks in the Platform9 Managed OpenStack user interface
  • Quality of service: SolidFire storage enables per-volume level Quality of Service
  • Storage high availability: All block storage volumes are highly available, with no single point of failure
  • Resource agility: Scale storage capacity independently on an as needed basis

Experience the integration.

Sign up now to see how Platform9 and SolidFire are better together. All you need is:

  • 1 or more servers running a major Linux distribution or VMware vSphere 5.x+
  • A SolidFire storage array
  • 10 minutes of your time
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We polled over 350 attendees in a webinar and found that time to value was the most important consideration when deploying OpenStack clouds. With Platform9 and SolidFire, customers now have a simple way to implement OpenStack that seamlessly fuses current technologies with next-gen features and requirements, dramatically simplifying consumption of cloud while maintaining workload flexibility.


Dave Cahill, VP Corporate Development and Strategy, SolidFire

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