Deploy and Operate Highly Available, Multi-Master Kubernetes Clusters in Air-Gapped Environments.

klusterkit cctlKlusterkit is a set of open source tools designed to simplify deployment and operations of highly-available, multi-master, production-grade Kubernetes clusters on on-premises, air-gapped environments.

See Github

Klusterkit is composed of three independent tools, that can be used separately, or in tandem:

  1. etcdadm – a CLI that simplifies operating an etcd cluster.
  2. nodeadm – a CLI node administration tool that complements kubeadm by deploying the dependencies that kubeadm requires.
  3. cctl – a cluster lifecycle management tool that adopts the Kubernetes community’s Cluster API and uses nodeadm and etcdadm to easily deploy and maintain highly-available Kubernetes clusters in on-premises, even air-gapped environments.

To start using Klusterkit and learn how the 3 tools work together, see the documentation on GitHub.


For a technical overview of Klusterkit read the blog post.

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