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August 27, 2015

Eigen Magic HowTo: Platform9 + Ravello + VMware

RavelloSystems provides a cloud-based platform for spinning up a test-lab quickly and easily, and it supports VMware’s vSphere/ESXi hypervisor through nested hypervisors (running ESXi on a Google or AWS compute instance).

August 26, 2015

Daily Cloud Could Platform9 Give OpenStack the Kick-Start It Needs?

In recent years, open source cloud software OpenStack has been its own worst enemy. While tech leaders like Cisco and Intel have invested millions of dollars in it, and telecom providers have bought it to offer to the cloud customers they dream of acquiring, the enterprise market has mostly shunned the platform.

August 22, 2015

TechRepublic Platform9 simplifies the challenge of running OpenStack on VMware infrastructure

VMware has proved to be the only OpenStack vendor focused on making the deployment of OpenStack on top of VMware infrastructure simpler. VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) was introduced at VMworld 2014, though it winded up being a non-starter for most VMware environments because it required VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus licensing and VMware NSX.

August 20, 2015

The Var Guy Platform9 Launches Managed OpenStack for vSphere

Platform9, a private cloud management solution vendor, released Managed OpenStack for vSphere this week, as the company looks to provide VMware (VMW) vSphere users with a simpler way to implement OpenStack into their private cloud environments.

August 20, 2015

Datacenter Dynamics Platform9 brings OpenStack cloud to the vSphere party

American private cloud specialist Platform9 has launched a managed OpenStack platform for IT environments built with VMware’s vSphere. The software can transform customers’ existing virtualized servers into an AWS-like private cloud “within minutes”.

August 19, 2015

The Cloud Cast The Cloudcast #209 – The Evolution of Private Cloud as a Service

Brian talks with Madhura Maskasky (@madhuramaskasky, Co-Founder/ VP Product @Platform9) about the evolution of Platform9, offloading the Private Cloud learning curve, SaaS management, and the intersection of VMware and OpenStack for customers.

August 18, 2015

vInfrastructure Blog Platform9 provide VMware vSphere SaaS management

Platform9 have an interesting product for making private cloud easy using a public cloud enterprise service (according to a SaaS model) based on OpenStack platform (we can call it as an OpenStack as a Service).

August 18, 2015

Toms IT Pro Platform9 Introduces VMWare Compatibility In Managed OpenStack Offering

Platform9 announced availability of Managed OpenStack for VMWare vSphere environments.

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