OpenStack Made Easy for Enterprise Linux/KVM Management

Easily Run Next-Generation Data Centers on Linux and Open Source

Got Linux servers? You’re all set.

Running OpenStack based private clouds is very easy with Platform9. All you need is servers running Linux, a network connection, and you’re ready to go.

This level of simplicity is made possible by Platform9’s unique OpenStack-as-a-service solution. Sign up, download the Platform9 agent, install it onto your Linux servers, and you’re a few clicks away from going live.

Works with your existing storage and network solutions.

Platform9 Managed OpenStack works with the storage and network solutions of your choice.

Compatible storage solutions:

  • Direct attached storage is automatically discovered as new servers are authorized
  • Storage Arrays or Software Defined Storage via OpenStack Cinder

Supported network configurations:

  • Linux bridges are automatically discovered from servers and integrated as OpenStack compatible networks
  • Support for Software Defined Networks is in Beta with Neutron integration

IP addresses can be allocated for specific networks by your existing IPAM system or via OpenStack’s ability to manage an IP pool.

Centralize, streamline, automate!

Centralize virtual machine images:

  • Assign the Image Library role to a server, and just point it to a folder of existing VM images.
  • Import curated and cloud-init compatible images from Platform9’s public image catalog.

Use all of OpenStack’s capabilities to streamline VM provisioning and automate your server infrastructure:

  • Flavors define resource configuration policies
  • Tenants and users can be assigned quotas and access to specific networks / images / flavors
  • Host aggregates can create tiers of infrastructure such as production vs. dev-test; local vs. remote
  • Customize with cloud-init to further customize application provisioning and automate your workflow

Automate with REST APIs, orchestrate with OpenStack Heat.

Easily automate Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipelines with OpenStack’s REST APIs, convenient CLIs or the integrations available for various programming languages and configuration management frameworks.

Orchestrate provisioning of multi-VM application stacks using OpenStack Heat. Implement DevOps patterns such as load-balancing, auto-scaling, and replication easily: you can reuse freely available Heat based application orchestration templates.

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