Realize Hybrid Cloud Faster

Platform9 makes it easy to build a hybrid cloud using virtualized or containerized workloads across your favorite hypervisors, bare metal or popular public clouds

The Platform9 Difference

  • Fastest Time to Value in the Industry – Enterprises are up and running on any cloud endpoint from on-prem bare metal, VMware, Linux/KVM to public clouds – in minutes – using leading open source frameworks managed like SaaS without professional services.
  • DevOps Enablement – DevOps teams can move workloads easily between public and private clouds as organization policies change and use single APIs to automate workflows for deployments of any kind.
  • Works with Bursts – Platform9 customers use one single pane of glass to deploy workloads on public cloud during temporary spike in traffic: i.e. “own the base, rent the spike.”

Open Source Hybrid Cloud Frameworks


Kubernetes was designed to support hybrid workloads at its core.

Native Integrations and automated large-scale deployments of Kubernetes clusters span across popular public cloud providers and private clouds.

Deployment options are boundless — Platform9 Managed Kubernetes can be deployed on bare metal servers, virtual machines deployed on private virtualized infrastructure such as VMware vSphere or Linux/KVM, or a collection of public clouds such as AWS, Azure, GCE.


OpenStack Omni enables OpenStack to manage AWS.

Manage AWS with OpenStack to give your team a true single pane of glass to manage resources running on private infrastructure and on public cloud with a set of drivers that turn OpenStack API calls into AWS API calls baked into the solution. Extending this functionality to Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine is in the roadmap.

Drivers that integrate with Amazon services include but aren’t limited to: EC2, EBS and VPC include Nova, Cinder, Glance and Neutron services.

Notable Hybrid Cloud Contribution

Introducing OpenStack Omni

Platform9 believes the best solutions don’t involve lock-in and recently announced OpenStack Omni, a contribution to the open source community enabling management of AWS using OpenStack drivers.

Watch video to hear from Madhura Maskasky, VP of Product at Platform9, as she presents and demos OpenStack Omni for the first time at the keynote during OpenStack Barcelona 2016.

Want more? Read our Omni announcement blog entry here.

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