VM and Application-level High Availability for OpenStack

Enterprises and service providers can now run mission-critical workloads using OpenStack on Linux/KVM without sacrificing on SLA for their applications. Customers can enable high availability for traditional and scale-out workloads by creating a highly available cluster of resources. This allows for rapid recovery from outages because of a combination of distribution of workloads across servers, and liveness detection and recovery of workloads across server failures.

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Our recorded “High Availability for OpenStack” webinar provides you with a product demo, information about OpenStack architecture, the facts about why High Availability matters & what we offer.

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Platform9’s VP Product, Madhura Maskasky, discusses High Availability features in her blog: Virtual Machine High Availability with Platform9.

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For production workloads, High Availability is a critical capability and we have had to run those workloads on VMware vSphere thus far. With this update to Platform9 Managed OpenStack, we can now use OpenStack and KVM for all workloads.

— Rob Horstmann, Manager of Technical Operations at Moz, Inc.

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