Edge Cloud Features

Multi-cluster, multi-site, multi-cloud management

Managing distributed edge sites at scale requires a scalable platform that integrates with your infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud.

Edge Cloud enables you to centrally manage your edge locations as a multi-cluster, multi-site, multi-cloud environment.

Edge Cloud can stand up a Linux based site environment fully from operating system up. It can also integrate with your existing on-premise environments that are Linux or VMware based or work with AWS, Azure or Google public clouds.

Platform9 EdgeStack Multi-Cluster Management Dashboard

Full Featured Bare Metal Management

Edge Cloud comes with a full featured bare metal management component, that can remotely bootstrap your physical servers, install your operating system of choice, configure networking, install any additional packages and bring up the physical servers to get them ready for next order configuration.

With Edge Cloud, you can deploy and redeploy your bare metal servers, at a single site or at 1000s of sites, at scale with the click of a button.

This lets architects and DevOps teams automate and standardize deployments while removing the human error element from individual deployments at remote locations.

Edge Cloud uses open source Ironic and Metal3 projects under the hood to achieve this.

Platform9 Full Featured Bare Metal Management

Edge Enhanced Virtualization

Edge Cloud comes built in with a powerful virtualization layer that is enhanced and tuned to accommodate networking requirements at edge locations.

You can use the virtualization capability either as a flexible IaaS layer for running Kubernetes and your containerized applications on, or to run your applications as VMs, or both.

Your virtual machines can be configured with one or more network interfaces, are able to utilize all the high performance networking features that are part of Edge Cloud. Just bring a compatible VM image and we will do the rest. Edge Cloud thus provides a unified stack for both VMs and containers running at the edge.

Edge Cloud uses KubeVirt behind the scenes to power the virtualization layer.

Platform9 Edge Enhanced Virtualization

Advance Networking with ‘Managed’ Calico and More

PMK provides fully managed offering of open source Calico networking solution – handling install, config, upgrade and troubleshooting of Calico. 

PMK also provides full REST APIs for Calico, enabling Admins to leverage all functionality of calico.

Platform9 Advance Networking

Observability and Profile Engine Support

Each Edge Cloud cluster is deployed by default with an instance of Prometheus and Grafana. The Edge Cloud management plane uses these to gather metrics for the cluster health that are then used by the Platform9 customer success team to provide proactive 24×7 support and help.

The Edge Cloud UI and API also allows administrators to configure policies, alarms and alerts so that their DevOps / Ops teams can be notified about specific issues related to the cluster or application health.

Profile Engine enables GitOps style automation at scale by allowing administrators to define cluster configurations as desired state templates and them applying those templates to see how their environment has deviated and optionally remediating to correct the deviation.

Platform9 Observability and Profile Engine Support


Multi-tenancy is a core capability of Edge Cloud. Administrators can create one or more ‘Tenants’ to separate their dev/test or staging deployments from production, with a separate set of users having access to each.

Edge Cloud integrates with all popular SSO providers to enable integration with your existing authentication and authorization stack. Users can sign in using their SSO credentials and can be given access to one or more tenants within Edge Cloud based on predefined SSO configuration created by the Administrators.

Platform9 Multi-Tenancy

Guaranteed 99% uptime SLA

(Applicable only for SaaS managed deployment of Edge Cloud)

When Edge Cloud is deployed as a SaaS managed platform, it provides closed-loop automation for day-2 operations of all of your edge sites through 24×7 remote monitoring and management.

Any issues with hardware, software infrastructure or applications are auto-identified, auto-triaged and your DevOps team is alerted based on predefined alerting policies.

Capabilities like self-healing are built in to resolve issues that do not require human intervention. In cases when that may not be sufficient, our team of experts is notified and providers proactive issue resolution, globally, 24/7.

Platform9 Guaranteed 99% uptime SLA

Air-gap Deployment Support

Edge Cloud can be deployed either as a SaaS managed platform, or as an on-premise installation. When deployed on-premises, Edge Cloud is designed to operate in a fully air-gapped environment, without relying on network connectivity to install any of the required components or packages.

The on-premise deployment of Edge Cloud comes with Airctl, Platform9’s on-premise Edge Cloud orchestrator that comprises of a useful command-line utility (CLI) and components that manage the lifecycle of the on-premise management plane.

Platform9 Air-gap Deployment Support

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