One Platform for All Your Edge Management Needs

Platform9 Edge Cloud enables you to centrally manage thousands of edge locations including retail stores,  media/CDN points of presence, cloud-native 5G-RAN and private 5G/LTE radio towers and access points.

Platform9 Edge Management

Accelerate Your Edge Strategy

According to Gartner1, through 2022, 50% of edge computing solutions that worked as proofs of concept (POCs) will fail to scale for production use.  Platform9 provides the fastest way to implement and the easiest way to operate production edge clouds.

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Accelerate Your Edge Rollout 4x Faster

Deploy containers, VMs and bare metal with a few clicks with a centrally managed end-to-end integrated platform
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Cut Edge Day 2 Operational Burden by up to 90%

Platform9’s fully managed SaaS control plane eases operational burden so your teams can focus on delivering edge apps.
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Maximize Freedom and Flexibility

Leverage your existing edge infrastructure and open source cloud-native technologies.
[1] How to Overcome Four Major Challenges in Edge Computing, Gartner, 11/4/2019

Integrated Management of Your Edge Sites

The Platform9 Edge Cloud enables end-to-end remote management of all of your edge sites.

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Automate from OS to App

All you need is hardware that is racked and stacked and connected to a network. Edge Cloud can remotely bootstrap servers, install operating systems, Kubernetes, virtualization, and finally, your applications, as VMs or containers or both. All via a single, integrated platform powered by Kubernetes.
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Monitor and Manage At Scale with Profiles

Define the desired state configuration for your sites, Kubernetes clusters, and applications and then deploy and monitor them at scale using our built-in capabilities such as Profile Engine and an observability stack.
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Deploy as Fully-Managed SaaS or On-Premises

You choose to deploy Edge Cloud either as a SaaS-managed configuration or as an on-premises, air-gapped deployment. Choose what works best for your specific needs.

Architected for the Edge

Platform9 Edge Cloud enables customers to deliver cloud-native container, virtualization, and bare metal services using best of breed open source, cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, KubeVirt, Ironic, and Metal3.

Platform9 Edge Cloud Architecture
Platform9 Edge Cloud Architecture

Edge Cloud Features

Everything You Need for the Edge. In a Single Platform.

Platform9 Edge Cloud built-in features and integrations make it easy to manage your edge applications.

Bring up Sites Automatically

Spin up one or a thousand edge sites at the click of a button. Platform9 Edge Cloud lets you automate all parts of the software stack involved in bringing up your remote edge sites. This enables creating a repeatable process for tearing down, building up, and upgrading all parts of your edge-site locations – from bare metal to application — with the least amount of manual overhead.

Platform9 Edge Cloud Remote Edge Sites
Centrally Manage All Sites with Built-in Remote Monitoring and Auto-Alerts

Centrally Manage All Sites with Built-in Remote Monitoring and Auto-Alerts

Centrally manage all you edge sites, deployed either on physical or virtual hardware at site locations or on public clouds or both.

Get auto-alerted for any issues with the physical infrastructure or software orchestration stack or your applications.

Leverage GitOps style automation using built-in capabilities such as profile engine to update sites and remediate problems.

Leverage All the Benefits of a Modern Cloud-Native Stack

Platform9 Edge Cloud is powered by Kubernetes – the open source industry standard for deploying cloud native applications at scale.

Edge Cloud utilizes Kubernetes along with a number of other CNCF certified components such as Kubevirt, Metal3 to deliver an end to end stack to achieve best in class orchestration for your applications at the edge.

Leverage all the features and APIs provided by Kubernetes. Deploy your application either as containers / microservices or VMs running on Kubernetes.

Kubevirt, Metal Kubed, Kubernetes

World-Class Support

Our best-in-class support and customer success organization with a 99.9% consistent CSAT has years of experience managing hybrid cloud environments at scale.

Platform9 Edge Cloud comes with our industry’s best support with a consistent 99.9% CSAT rating — month over month.

Our customer success team is experienced with providing 24×7 support to large enterprises with business critical applications deployed at scale across 1000s of sites.

  • Experienced team of Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA) and distributed systems experts available 24/7 with a severity-based response time
  • Dedicated technical account managers and solutions architects to help with your edge rollout at scale
  • We’ll work to uncover the root cause of any issue
  • Built-in proactive support for SaaS managed deployment
“Platform9 support is among the best we have ever and maybe will ever receive. It really feels like their Support team is an extension of our own.”
Tyler Corrigan, Tanium
“Support is top-notch.”
Stephen Pride, Snapfish
“Good service. The problem was resolved in no time with correct identification.”
Vinay KB, Cadence Design Systems

Top Use Cases

Telco / 5G
Retail Edge
Media / CDN

Telco / 5G

Fully automate deploying vRAN software at tens of thousands of cell towers using Edge Cloud. Utilize our advanced telco-optimized networking stack to efficiently run NFV and vRAN workloads at any scale. Run your workloads as VNFs or CNFs or both.


Fully automate your store deployment end-to-end. Remotely power up your physical servers located at your store locations, deploy operating system and your application stack - all with a click of a button.


Fully automate and create your CDN using Edge Cloud. Add general purpose compute to the edge locations. These compute edge location can power your CDN infrastructure and/or supplement your capabilities by providing a powerful computing platform for your customers.

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