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Tracing Serverless Functions with OpenTracing and Jaeger

Serverless functions can be part of a larger distributed system. For example, in the case of serverless applications that become more complex – spanning multiple functions, or in Microservices where functions are triggered between different services that talk to each other to process a single request or perform a business function.

To ensure smooth operations of distributed systems you need to trace each request across multiple functions and invocations. This is critical so that you have a thorough understanding of the system’s behavior and can track performance across all its components.

Fission – the popular open source, Kubernetes-native serverless framework, has recently added support for OpenTracing to simplify monitoring and tracing functions at scale.

Fission’s Visahl Biyani published a new post with a short tutorial guiding you through setting up OpenTracing with the Jaeger backend, then creating a simple Fission function and tracing it with Jaeger.

Check out the post to learn more and try it out for yourself.

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