Platform9 2.4 Release Notes

What’s New

1.Beta support for OpenStack Omni, hybrid cloud management via Platform9 OpenStack

With this release, we are introducing Beta availability for OpenStack Omni, which introduces hybrid capabilities to your Platform9 environment by including AWS drivers for various OpenStack components.
See our blog post about the basic features introduced here. See also our keynote session at the Barcelona OpenStack summit introducing Omni here.

2. Recycle Bin functionality for VM instances

We now support the ability to “soft-delete” an instance that moves it to the Recycle Bin, instead of deleting it permanently. This enables users to add an additional layer of protection for instances, so that they can be removed in 2 explicit steps.
This feature is not enabled by default – reach out to us if you would like to enable this for your deployments.

3. Beta support for Neutron integration with ACI on VMware

Platform9 Managed OpenStack now supports Cisco ACI on VMware via the corresponding Neutron plugin. Reach out to us if you would like to work with Cisco ACI on your VMware deployments.

4. Customize your Platform9 deployment

We now allow customizing some aspects of your Platform9 deployment. You can now change the domain name, add your own logo and choose an alternate color scheme. Reach out to your account team if you would like to make any of these customizations.

5. Bug fixes and product improvements

This release also contains a number of performance optimizations and bug-fixes that should result in a better user experience for your Platform9 cloud platform!

Known Issues:

  1. WARNING: Once a host in a Neutron environment is de-authorized from Platform9, the workloads on that host will lose network  connectivity, even though the VM data itself remains untouched.

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