Setting Cinder Storage Credentials On Premises

This article explains how to set storage appliance credentials to your block storage node.


You must have a Cinder block storage node authorized and connected.

Step 1

Log in to the Linux host which you have assigned the Cinder block storage role.

Step 2

Change directory to:


Step 3

Create a file named cinder_override.conf (note the underscore): [bash]touch /opt/pf9/etc/pf9-cindervolume-base/conf.d/cinder_override.conf[/bash]

Add a [DEFAULT] section and the appropriate parameters needed for the driver you are using. Different drivers use different parameters for login and password. Please refer to your storage vendor’s manual for more information on which configuration options are available.

Example (for QNAP):

[ini][DEFAULT] san_login = admin
san_password = changeme[/ini]

Step 4

Restart the pf9-cindervolume service. For example, on Enterprise Linux operating systems e.g. CentOS:

[bash]service pf9-cindervolume-base restart[/bash]

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