Serverless Operations: Watch Our KubeCon Barcelona Talk

Fission‘s own Erwin van Eyk recently gave a talk to a jam-packed room at the KubeCon conference in Barcelona about Serverless Operations.

FaaS functions on Kubernetes are increasingly popular. We often talk about the developer productivity advantages of serverless/FaaS applications, such as the time to create a useful application from scratch without learning a lot about Kubernetes. In this talk, Erwin focuses on the operational aspects of serverless applications on Kubernetes.

What does it take to use serverless functions in Production, with safety, and at scale?

Serverless applications become more prevalent, using more and more functions. And so, we need structured operational processes to ensure the smooth promotion of FaaS applications throughout the release process: from dev, through build, test, deployment and on-going monitoring and operations.

Erwin shares concrete best practices and proven patterns for improving the quality, reliability, and performance of your serverless applications.

He demos some of these approaches using Fission – the open-source, Kubernetes-native serverless framework, but you can also employ them with your framework of choice- be it Lambda, Google Functions, or others.

Watch the video recording of the talk, below:

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