Onboard Platform9 Managed OpenStack on VMware vSphere

Running OpenStack based private clouds is very easy with Platform9, whether you are running KVM or VMware vSphere. All you need are one or more VMware vSphere Clusters with DRS enabled, fully automated, located in the vCenter environment and you’re ready to go. In this series of videos, we’ll show how to onboard Platform9’s Managed OpenStack solution for a VMware vSphere based environment. It is possible to deploy an OpenStack private cloud without an army of engineers on your payroll!

Platform9 makes it easy to deploy, manage and scale your OpenStack cloud infrastructure – as easy as using AWS. This level of simplicity is made possible by Platform9’s unique OpenStack-as-a-service solution. Sign up, download the Platform9 appliance, install it onto your vCenter, and you’re a few clicks away from going live. Immediately after, your Platform9 dashboard starts offering visibility into your infrastructure across compute, storage, network, and existing workloads.

If you like what you see in the videos below, sign up for a free trial of our Managed OpenStack solution. If you want to try it in a sandboxed environment, before trying it in your own environment, sign up here.

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