Platform9 January 2018 Newsletter: From the CEO

Happy new year!

I’ll admit, I am not big on new year resolutions. My excuse? Every day matters; and my resolutions can’t wait a year. However, the team overruled me and committed to a resolution for 2018: all of our customer facing engineers, across pre-sales engineering, post-sales solution’s architects, and support engineers are getting certified as Kubernetes Certified Administrators!

I am delighted to kick off the new year by announcing immediate availability of highly requested features (including the helm application catalog and RBAC for Managed Kubernetes); and press coverage of one of our marquee early customers.

What’s in the works

The product teams have released two feature packed releases over the holidays. Full release notes are available for release 3.2 and release 3.3, which include:

  • Managed OpenStack – Neutron performance improvements, support for OpenStack Designate with Infoblox and several user interface enhancements.
  • Managed Kubernetes – Support for the Kubernetes Helm application catalog, Kubernetes storage classes, role based access control, and an upgrade of Kubernetes to v1.8.4.
  • Fission – Several enhancements are being worked upon, including authorization, continued enhancements to Fission Workflows, a graphical user interface and lots of fixes for production usage.
  • Customer 0 – As promised, we’re moving quickly to migrate our production environments from AWS to a hybrid cloud model where we use AWS as spare capacity on a transient basis. You know, “build to base and burst to peak”, aka cloud-bursting. Stay tuned for periodic updates from our Cloud Architect (also known as Chief Dogfooding Engineer) Cody Hill,  as we kick off this migration in February.

Spotlight: Highlights from KubeCon 2017

In case you missed them live, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation has made videos available for the talks at KubeCon 2017. Don’t miss three great talks from Platform9 engineering:

Also, I summarized my 5 key insights from KubeCon. #3 was a huge (and very pleasant) surprise.

Announcing: Cadence Design Uses Platform9 for HPC

We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Carl Siva’s team at Cadence Design for over 18 months now. We are pleased to publicly announce this close partnership, and the massive success it has been for Cadence. By every metric, from the number of regions globally that are being managed by a single pane of glass, to the number of developers using the platform, to the node:admin efficacy ratio; this has been an incredibly successful cloud deployment.

Read all about in the press release, or in the case study, or my favorite; Carl’s interview featured on Forbes.

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