Platform9 Brings SaaS and Serverless to Kubecon Europe

Kubecon Europe: May 2 – 4, 2018

Kubecon Europe kicks off for its third edition in Europe this week. After highly attended events in London and Berlin over the last two years, the action for the K8S faithful shifts to beautiful Copenhagen. Amidst the chatter on containers, cloud native, clusters, “masters and slave” nodes, Platform9 will be there to showcase the industry’s only SaaS delivered and managed Kubernetes solution and the Fission serverless/FaaS (take your pick!) offering.

At this year’s event, Platform9 engineers will be on hand at our booth S-C51 to describe the latest features and capabilities in its Managed Kubernetes offering. We will provide examples of how our award winning SaaS managed container orchestration solution is making the deployment of Production Grade Kubernetes easier for Enterprises. Platform9’s engineers will be provide “hands-on” demos of our Managed Kubernetes solution and show how easily it integrates with our other major offering, Platform9 Managed OpenStack. Our customers have enthusiastically endorsed the benefits of having both these leading open source cloud frameworks on one platform since it allows them to manage both legacy monolithic applications (on bare metal servers and VMs) and modern cloud native applications.

Of course, our booth will also have information about Fission, the leading open source serverless platform built on Kubernetes. First introduced in early 2017 and delved deeper into during last year’s event in Berlin, Fission and the benefits of having an open serverless framework that allows greater portability and prevention of lock-in (an enduring feature of the major public clouds) has been increasingly recognized.

Fission represents a continuum in Platform9’s efforts to simplify and, in some cases, eliminate the infrastructure plumbing issues that add to the operational complexities of developers who just “want to deploy their code!”. With Fission, many of the steps involved in setting up containers, creating registries and deploying Kubernetes clusters are abstracted away from developers.

For those who get their kicks with all things related to functions, we recommend attending the talk given by Platform9’s own Timirah James and Erwin Van Eyk on “Functional Composition in a Serverless World”. As all serverless cognoscenti are aware, wrangling functions, as serverless applications become more complex, is not for the faint-hearted. Timirah and Erwin will provide details and examples on how the Fission Workflows capabilities can be used to compose functions and build serverless applications more easily.

All in all, it promises to be an exciting Kubernetes spring to savor in Scandinavia. We look forward to seeing you at the event and in our booth.

For those who would like to get a sneak preview ahead of the main event this week, check out the Platform9 Managed Kubernetes sandbox. The launch takes only a few seconds!

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