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Introducing Kube2Go

Announcing our latest Kubernetes initiative

At Platform9, we have not only made containers a core part of our overall product strategy, but have also gone all-in with Kubernetes as the container orchestration framework of choice. Over the last couple of years, as Kubernetes has risen to become the most popular container orchestration engine, it has been great to see the community come together and work towards making it successful. As our own small effort to aid this growth, we are very proud, today, to announce Kube2Go to the Kubernetes community – the easiest way to run Kubernetes clusters on any major public cloud! Simply sign up / register, and quickly create highly available clusters on AWS, with support for GCE and Azure coming in future updates. Make sure to have the AWS access and secret key handy before you register. Once the cluster is created you can:

Download kubeconfig for kubectl


View the Dashboard:

Simply launch a CLI right from the web-browser:

In this first incarnation, we’re focussing on making cluster creation and usage drop-dead simple for our users. As we continue to iterate, along with adding more cloud providers, our focus will be on making the consumption of Kubernetes clusters easier, by simplifying application development using Helm charts and even integrating serverless functions-as-a-service via Fission.
To top it all of, this is completely free for up to five nodes within your cluster! So try out Kube2Go today, and let us know what you think at

Roopak Parikh

Co-founder and CTO at Platform9
Roopak envisioned the technology powering Platform9, and now leads our Engineering wizards in the quest to realize this vision. Roopak likes to work with customers in designing solutions and solving technical challenges. He also leads incubation projects within the organization and loves talking about everything from latest javascript frameworks to blockchain technologies.

Before co-founding Platform9, Roopak was a technical lead at VMware, where he helped architect and ship major vSphere products: Update Manager and vCloud Director. Before VMware, Roopak was an early engineer at an early stage Mobile computing startup.

Outside of work, Roopak is a fan of audiobooks, likes cooking, following sports, and keeping up with his kids on the soccer field.

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