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Making the Case for FaaS: Three Use Cases Where Fission Saves Time and Money

By Timirah James

What is FaaS? Function as a Service (FaaS) is a cloud computing framework that allows developers to rapidly create an application by writing short-lived functions and mapping them to triggers…. Read More

Platform9 Brings SaaS and Serverless to Kubecon Europe

By Amrish Kapoor

Kubecon Europe: May 2 – 4, 2018 Kubecon Europe kicks off for its third edition in Europe this week. After highly attended events in London and Berlin over the last… Read More

Fission: The Open Source Alternative to AWS Lambda

By Amrish Kapoor

Alternative to AWS Lambda AWS Lambda ushered in the serverless movement when it was first rolled out by Amazon Web Services in November 2014. Serverless computing, also referred to as… Read More

Fission: Serverless Framework on Kubernetes

By Soam Vasani

Achieving the benefits of accelerated applications/services development while eliminating idle costs represent the foundational motivations of Fission, the open-source Functions as a Service (FaaS) serverless framework on Kubernetes. Fission gives developers… Read More

Fission: What’s New With Platform9 v3.2

By Amrish Kapoor

Steve Job once articulated a vision for developer: achieve more by doing less. Serverless computing helps developers realize this vision by taking manual and repetitive tasks off developers’ plates, allowing… Read More

Fission Workflows: Accelerating Application Development Using Serverless Functions

By Platform9

The Fission Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) framework, launched by Platform9, enables the easy deployment of serverless functions on any Kubernetes cluster. Functions execute logically discrete, short-life tasks and can currently be used… Read More

Enterprise Kubernetes: 5 Insights from KubeCon 2017

By Sirish Raghuram

Last week, I joined many of my team members at Platform9, and 1000s in the Kubernetes community at KubeCon 2017 in Austin, TX. My takeaway: enterprise Kubernetes momentum is incredible,… Read More

Fission Workflows: Using Serverless For Processing Kubernetes Metrics

By Platform9

For some tasks, running a persistent service isn’t really practical. FaaS technology has largely addressed this need in a variety of ways, and with particular emphasis on integration with Kubernetes…. Read More

Fission: Serverless Functions For Kubernetes

By Soam Vasani

Fission is a Functions as a Service (FaaS) / serverless function framework built on Kubernetes. Fission allows you to easily create HTTP services on Kubernetes from functions. It works at… Read More

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